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All4Iran's Statement at the Parliament of Canada

Victor Hugo once said, “When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.” As a group of Canadian-Iranian activists, we would like to speak to you today about Iran’s history, and the struggle of the brave Iranian people.

44 years ago, in 1979, the Iranian people overthrew the existing monarchy. However, a group of fanatic extremists led by the Ayatollah Khomeini took control of the government, and established a totalitarian theocracy, in the name of Islam. It was the beginning of a dark era of war, terrorism, and the systemic violation of human rights, with a very significant impact on women.

This regime insisted that according to divine Islamic authority, and under Khomeini’s ethical leadership, a moral and economic utopia would flourish.

But throughout the next 44 years, the Iranian people have suffered under the rule of this brutal government. Basic human rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of personal choice have been denied. Additionally, economic hardships have befallen the country due to the mismanagement of many natural resources. Also, different forms of art, such as dance, music, and theatre have been restricted.

The Iranian people have continued to endure the iron-fisted rule of this authoritarian state. Indeed, there are many examples of protest and defiance, from courageous student movements to labour strikes, from civil disobedience to mass protests. And, by supporting moderate and reformist politicians, and boycotting rigged elections, the Iranian people have demonstrated their steadfast resilience to tyranny.

However, after 44 years of brutal authoritarianism, culminating in the savage and tragic murder of Masha Amini by the so-called morality police, has led the Iranian people to say, “enough is enough” and started a revolution to change the regime as they were left with no other choice.

Since September 16, 2022, at least 528 people have been killed, including 71 children. 4 people have been unlawfully executed, and 112 have been accused of ‘Muharabah’, which means ‘waging war against God’; which is punishable by death. There have been nearly 20,000 examples of citizens not only being arrested, but also, being tortured and raped in the regime’s prisons, and hundreds of people have been randomly shot and blinded.

With this exhibition, we wanted to present to you a sample of the Iranian regime's brutality, and remind you of the dangers that this regime presents to the world.

The Islamic State has developed a ballistic missile system which threatens regional security in the Middle East. Furthermore, Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, continues to endanger international security.

Indeed, the Iranian government has armed, trained, and financed different Jihadist militia’s, including Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi. These group’s involvements in terrorist activities, in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Israel, Syria, and Palestine, have killed countless women, men, and children. The terrorist activities led by this regime around the world are numerous. We are only naming and showing a few today.

We firmly believe that the Honorable Members of the Canadian Parliament are bound not only by a governing responsibility, but also by a moral, ethical, and personal duty to lead by example, and to do everything in your power to support the Iranian people.

Thus, we ask you to strongly consider branding the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC), as a terrorist organization.

We would also like the Canadian Government to ensure that sanctions are strengthened and implemented. Canada should not become a safe haven for human rights violators. Canada should not give these people an opportunity to launder blood money.

Members of parliament, history will judge us all by our actions, and not our empty words.

Thus, we want to ask that you stand on the right side of history, with the brave people of Iran. A world without the Islamic Republic is a more benevolent, compassionate, and peaceful place.

Women, Life, Freedom

Zan, Zendegi, Azadi

Zhen, Zhian, Azadi

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